Capactiy Building

The world is currently witnessing the highest levels of human displacement on record. According to the latest figures of UNHCR, an estimated 70.8 million people worldwide have been forced to leave their homes. Among them are nearly 25.9 million refugees.

EATAN was founded in 2012 with the aim to empower migrant communities in Europe to advocate for access to quality HIV,HEP,TB, prevention and inclusive care services in fulfilment with their health and treatment rights. Secondary, EATAN, sought to develop a network of advocates to provide peer support and advocacy services.

EATAN’s vision is that all Africans in Europe, UK &Africa who are living with HIV,COVID19, EBOLA TB, Viral Hepatitis and are enabled and empowered to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives.

EATAN works to address lack of voice and participation of African patients by screening, treatment and care decisions and engages with key stakeholders to influence policy; promote best practise and empower patients with information; skills and resources to self-manage and make informed choices about their case. The European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN), in partnership with other migrant-focussed organisations organise capacity building programmes to support other community organisations across Europe, UK &Africa.

EATAN is planning to provide training and capacity building for migrant communities in UK, Europe and Sub -Saharan Africa. The training and capacity building will empower refugees and migrants including people living and affected by HIV / Hepatitis with sustainable skills, resources and organisational structures that will help them make informed choices and decisions about their lifestyles. It will also increase knowledge and create infrastructure to implement culturally services and intervention strategies.

EATAN will work in collaboration with various partners among whom include the following;

NOPLHB a non-profit organization, the National Organisation for People living with Hepatitis B (NOPLHB) in the great lakes region to empower people living with and affected by HIV / Hepatitis with skills and organisational structures which will help them to make informed choices about their lifestyles.

NATAP is a non-profit organization based in the USA in NYC. NATAP’s mission is to improve the health & longevity of PLWH. As such its activities are dedicated to this. The website is a leading online resource for HIV and hepatitis conference coverage, and care & treatment education including for HIV, HBV, HCV & fatty liver and related comorbidities, and aging with HIV.

 The objectives for training and capacity building include the following;

·         Bridge the health inequalities gap for people living with and affected by HIV,Hepatitis,COVID19 ,TB&EBOLA

·         Empower clients with the much-needed skills to help them make informed choices and decisions about the lifestyles

·         Training of trainers in the community organisations to be able to pass on knowledge to others.

·         Develop approaches to strengthen service delivery in an inclusive manner

·         Recognise the importance of investing in social cohesion in all aspects of the local response to migration and displacement

·         Policy formulation for migrants

Training Programmes

·         Advocates training

·         LGBTI training

·         Sexual health training

·         Resource building training

·         Human Trafficking Training

Human trafficking in Europe is a regional phenomenon of the wider practice of trade in humans for the purposes of various forms of coercive exploitation. It has become an increasing concern  for countries in Europe, UK &Africa since the fall of communism”.