Please submit your abstract based on the following topics below


  1. Quality of life
  2. Effect of aging on organ systems
  3. Geriatric syndromes
  4. Epidemiology
  5. Interventions
  6. Models of care In Europe appropriate for Migrants In Europe
  7. Pharmacology
  8. Quality of life/well-being
  9. HIV/aging in the European Region
  10. Policy& Advocacy



The abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of experts from the  committee and best selected for oral or poster presentation.

Guidelines for submission

  1. Abstracts should be submitted to this link
  2. Each abstract should include; a title, authors names and affiliation. Name of Presenter should be underlined
  3. The abstract should not exceed 300 words with font 11 and 1.5 spacing
  4. Abstracts may include a table or figures

The recommended format of the abstract for original research is:

  1. Background- why study was done (reasons)
  2. Objectives- expected outcomes of the study
  3. Methodology- a description of how the study was done
  4. Results – findings of the study
  5. Conclusions of the study
  6. Recommendations of the study


All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and notification of the outcome successful or unsuccessful sent to the corresponding author

The abstract tract category is the general heading under which the abstract will be reviewed and if accepted published.

Choose the category which best describes the subject of your abstract based on the tracts.

If your abstract is accepted it shall appear in the abstract book

Deadline 15 June 2020

    This presentation DOES NOT include information about product(s) not labeled for use or investigational.This presentation DOES include information about product(s) not labeled for use or investigational. (See next box for specific information). I understand that I must disclose this information to the audience prior to the presentation.

    I DO NOT have a Conflict of InterestA Conflict of Interest DOES EXIST. I understand that it is necessary that the conflict of interest be identified openly at the beginning of my presentation so that the audience may form their own judgements about the presentation with the full disclosure of the fact of my presentation. (My conflict is listed below).


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